Phoenix Project

Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game aiming to reinvigorate the adventure puzzle genre. Outwit your friends and go for glory but beware, who can you trust?

Graphic Artist Dave Thomson joins project team!

We’re excited to announce Graphic Artist Dave Thomson has joined our team to create the graphic novel!!! 

'As a fan of adventure games and science fiction, I'm really proud to be working on a project as exciting as this. I hope to create some fantastic work with Totem Play and help them realise their vision for the Phoenix Project.'  

Dave has drawn comics for Strip, Futurequake, Zarjaz, Stoner and New British Comics among others. He is very fond of Sci-fi and when not drawing comics he plays videogames. He weeps softly for Lucasarts.

Take a look at some of his work on deviantART

Scriptwriter Daniel Whiston joins the team!

Some more exciting news! Daniel Whiston has signed up to write the back story for the Phoenix Project! He’ll be working with Dave to create the intricate story of the first participants. We’re really excited by this development, to have a professional script writer on board will add depth and really bring our story to life! 

“All seems cushty in a sparkly 24th Century made up of luxurious, decadent Mega Cities where most people seem to have everything they want… except for the growing numbers who slip through the cracks, and would risk everything for a life beyond the City limits. In steps The Phoenix Project, whose offer of escape and freedom to the sewer-dwelling masses is a cruel cover for using human beings as expendable lab rats, who’ll be pushed to the limit in the maze-like Temple Dome as part of a secret plan to see whether mankind still has a future. Dystopian, hi-tech future? Deadly conspiracy? Desperate masses, yearning to be free? There’s a great story here waiting to be told – so let’s get going!”

Daniel Whiston is a digital scriptwriter who has been writing and designing online narrative products for 15 years. Interesting stuff has included televisual interactive learning resources for the BBC, and games for clients like PIXELearning and Complete Control. Daniel is also a comics scriptwriter for titles such as Futurequake, Doghouse and Zarjaz, and his Neroy Sphinx character has appeared in the Judge Dredd Megazine and is to be featured in a graphic novel collection scheduled for release later this year.

Let this Phoenix Rise!

Phoenix Project: Who Shall Rise is a RPG aiming to reinvigorate the adventure puzzle genre. Outwit your friends and go for glory but beware, who can you trust?


Now live on the Kickstarter Website

‘A multiplayer take on an old school adventure game mixed with a gritty and novel theme’ is what we want our first entertainment game to be.

From our Coventry based studios, Totem Play is utilising the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to develop a multiplayer online game - Phoenix Project: Who Shall Rise. 

We have officially launched our campaign and we would really appreciate your support - spread the word, like us, follow us and ultimately back us if you can!

So here’s a list of all the places you can reach us:

Twitter: @whoshallrise




Why the Phoenix?

The Phoenix; a representation of the new rising from the old. Of a new self being born out of pain, suffering and death, to rise and live again.

An emblem of hope.

There is always hope.

We humans are animals, yet we are not so. We exist within an illusion of civilisation. But what if you found yourself in a world in which all your patterns, plans, sense of identity and control, ethics and behaviour are put to the test? 

Watch our cinematic trailer for Phoenix Project: Who Shall Rise?

The year is 2345, population is growing, poverty and crime are increasing, people are living on the edge.

You are desperate. When you catch site of an advert that offers salvation - an escape from your suffering and hardship, not just for you, but for the one you love, you decide to investigate..


You know that they are looking for human test subjects, you know that you’ll need to sign a contract that forbids disclosure to anyone, you also know that you’ll be transported to a ‘secret location’ but beyond that it is a mystery. Who are ‘they’ that work for the Phoenix Project and what is their purpose?

BUT, they’ve assured you that your life will not be in danger - and let’s face it, it’s not exactly the Garden of Eden out there on these streets. So with that kind of reward you’d be crazy not to take the risk. Wouldn’t you?

What we need from you is…

Your help!

In spreading the word and supporting us in our adventure!

Visit our Kickstarter page for more information and if you have an questions all you need to do is ask us!

Help us get this Phoenix to Rise!

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Official Trailer for Phoenix Project: Who Shall Rise

Let the adventure begin and all you need to do it Watch, Enjoy, Share and look out for the launch of our Kickstarter campaign


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Introducing Totem Play!

All it takes is one movement of the pen and your whole future could change… 

Read the contract at Midnight… would you sign it?


Take a look at some of the inspiration behind the Phoenix Project.